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We'd love to take you home with us...

Under blue suburban skies in the picturesque village of Woolton, on the outskirts of the city of Liverpool, stands a quaint, unassuming cottage. A Grade II listed Victorian building dating back to 1839, this humble home, known locally as 'The Cottage,' holds a unique place in the cultural history of popular music and The Beatles, as it is one of the childhood homes of John Lennon.​


A private residence, The Cottage has never been open to the public. Home to John's immediate and extended family for more than five decades, The Cottage was not only a home to Lennon for several periods during his life, but also a place of play, where the young John often came to paint, write and daydream, and an escape, and later where the Beatle John would seek refuge from adoring fans. It was at The Cottage that John would write early songs.


Thanks to the vision and passion of the owner and the support, invaluable insight and input from John Lennon's family who lived and grew up in the property, fans of John Lennon and The Beatles will be able to enjoy a truly unique experience, and stay at The Cottage.  Prepare to be transported to another era when a young John Lennon and his family were growing up in Woolton, Liverpool. 

Three years of detailed restoration work highly sympathetic to the era of how the home was lived in by John and his family has finally been completed, albeit with modern high end technology, luxurious amenities such as beds, bedding and bath linens from The White Company London.


Filled with memorabilia and some never-before-seen photos (courtesy of Lennon’s family), The Cottage also boasts a fully outfitted soundproof music studio for guests to unleash their musical genius.


The Cottage will be offered as an exclusive, boutique holiday let, providing high-end accommodation and services for up to five or six people.  

Originally built in 1839 by healthcare and nursing patron, Dorothy Nicholson, who was known to be associated with William Rathbone and Florence Nightingale, The Cottage is a two-bedroom traditional Victorian home located in the village of Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool. It was not only home to John Lennon in his early life but also to his immediate and extended family for more than six decades. It was also home to well known Liverpool chef, David Roberts, and British martial arts legend, Ronnie Colwell, a real life Samurai, who called The Cottage home until his passing in 2015. 


The Cottage is central to the early Beatles story. It’s two blocks to St Peter’s Church, where Lennon and McCartney first met and where you will find the gravestone of the real Eleanor Rigby, who, as recent research has discovered, has an intimate connection to The Cottage, decades before Paul McCartney penned the beloved classic Beatle tune.  It’s also a short walk to Strawberry Field, now open as an international visitors center and where the young John would go to play in the grounds.


Woolton is a lovely little village once detached from Liverpool and surrounded by farmland and The Beatles connections in Woolton are strong to this day with many significant Beatles landmarks within but a short walking distance from the home.


The Cottage sleeps up to five people in the two upstairs bedrooms and six if utilizing the portable single bed on the ground floor, which is available upon request. Additionally, the home comprises the historically designed front living room, middle living and dining room, full kitchen with Rangemaster Deluxe range/roaster/grill and outfitted with gourmet cookware by Le Creuset, and two beautiful  bathrooms with the ground level bath providing accessibility access.


The music studio exists toward the rear of the property where the many instruments are housed including several Beatle and Lennon replica guitars. The room also lends itself to music listening pleasure via its high tech sound system.  There is a lovely private walled garden to the rear of the property, private parking for 1-2 vehicles and off road parking is also available.

Truly a one-off, like the Fab Four themselves.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all...


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